Our story

Longreef Yachts was founded in Australia in 2017 by Andy Young and Mark Johnston.

Our CEO, Andy, is also the founder and Chief Executive of Boating Syndication Australia, today the largest luxury boating syndication business in Australia. 

Andy has more than 20 years of experience in syndicating over 90 luxury boats and managing them for more than 600 discerning owners. 

Mark’s background is in financial services. He founded and remains Executive Chairman of Investment Trends, a leading international market research firm which works with more than 100 large corporates in nine countries.


In 2016 the pair recognised an opportunity in the Australian and international boating markets to create a line of motor yachts that offer supreme luxury combined with outstanding value and ease of maintenance over the lifetime of the motor yacht.

Their vision is embodied today in every Longreef Yacht.