The Longreef Lifestyle

The fundamental goal of Longreef Yachts is to help our clients create memories for life. We know that your time on the water brings family and friends together to relax, relax, relax. That is why we work with our clients to tailor every detail to maximise on-water enjoyment.


Our core values are all geared to helping you optimise your boating experience: 

  • Excellence
  • Trust
  • Fun
  • Helping people 




While we understand that no one can ever completely achieve perfection, we will always strive to do so, and we are only happy when:

  • Each Longreef Yacht offers far better quality and value than any other in class
  • Every new generation we build is even better than the last
  • Every owner loves their boat and is able to maximise their enjoyment with their family, friends and colleagues.



Trust takes a long time to earn and a short time to lose.

At Longreef Yachts, we are committed to our clients over their entire time with us.  We believe that feedback is the greatest value and is the source of constant improvement. Our sole objective is to ensure maximum enjoyment on board.


Owning a boat is about enjoying your on-board lifestyle - entertaining and relaxing, whether with family, friends or colleagues. We believe the key to your lifestyle is perfecting the entertaining space on board your Longreef Yacht. We select materials that are both beautiful and durable and we stay abreast of the latest marine technology and innovations, employing only those innovations that will improve our clients' enjoyment.

Helping people
From the moment you step on board your Longreef Yacht, you know that the team behind your yacht is available to make your on-board experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. That begins with extensive training in the operation of your yacht and continues with our team being on-call at all times to answer any questions.